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Challenger Triton 4D56Di-T Cylinder Head Assembled

Challenger Triton 4D56Di-T Cylinder Head Assembled

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This brand new Challenger and Triton 4D56Di-T Cylinder Head is assembled and comes with valves fitted plus a Vrs gasket set, including the head gasket, camshafts, and rockers.

The gasket set includes a cylinder head gasket, rocker cover gasket, manifold gaskets, and miscellaneous gaskets.

Please note that the camshafts and rockers are included but not installed as you need to have these parts removed to access the head bolt hole to fit the head to the block. 
It fits Mitsubishi Models

Challenger PB 2009-2013 Challenger PC 2013-2015
Triton ML 2008-2009 Triton MN 2009-2015

All our cylinder heads are inspected for casting quality and machining and come with a 12-month unlimited Kms guarantee.
Our cylinder heads are assembled in our Australian workshop.

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