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Courier WLT Gasket Set with Head Bolts

Courier WLT Gasket Set with Head Bolts

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Vrs Gasket Set with Head Bolts Ford Courier WLT 2.5L Diesel.
This gasket set comes with Multi-Layer Steel Head Gasket, inlet manifold gaskets, exhaust manifold gaskets, valve stem seals, rocker cover gaskets, oil seals, and other small gaskets required for reassembly, plus head bolts, bolt torque and sequence.

It fits Ford Courier
PD SOHC 12 valve 1996 to 1999 Engine: WL
PE SOHC 12 valve 1999 to 2002 Engine: WL-T
PG SOHC 12 valve 2002 to 2004 Engine: WL-T
PH SOHC 12 valve 2004 to 2005 Engine: WL-T
Mazda Bravo 12 valve 1996 to 11/2006 Engine: WL-T

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